Tips and Tricks

Power Source Protection

A power surge can increase the voltage on an AC, telephone/modem, network or coax line resulting in computer system lockups, lost productivity, audio static, video snow, slow electronic degradation and ultimately catastrophic equipment damage.  Protect your equipment by installing a standard surge suppressor properly wired and grounded AC outlet.  A UPS (Uninterrupted Power Supply)  supplies battery backup power to computers and peripherals during short power outages, and allows systems to safely shut down during prolonged blackouts and can stop damaging power surges and filter disruptive line noise.

    Backups Make a copy of valuable data that you do not want to lose.  Several methods are effective.  Flashdrives, external hard drives or DVD’s depending on the size of your file will vary in size and price.

    Regularly update and renew your antivirus subscription.