H2out Wins Pittman Award

Congratulations to Rich Pindell of Pindell Engineering, Inc., who received the 2012 coveted Pittman Innovation Award for leadership in developing reusable products for water absorption.  Pindell’s  H2Out Systems prevents mold, mildew, rust, and corrosion damage in fuels, hydraulic fluids, and interior spaces.  The company’s products are finding a wide audience among those searching for greater fuel efficiency and life extension of their equipment and machinery.

Port Townsend Computers is the beneficiary of this advanced technology using it to restore computer equipment accidentally harmed by spilled water.  When supporting Pindell Engineering during its startup operations, Robert Donaldson, company president, learned about H20ut’s water absorption qualities and uses it to repair water damaged computers.   “It’s been a quid pro quo,” Pindell said.  “Having Robert support our technology is the most fantastic, absolute best peace of mind I could have.  He knows his way through both Mac and PCs.  I haven’t been able to stump him yet.  He networked our office originally, administers our e-mail, and serves as a sounding board about technology changes.”

Check out Pindell Engineering’s web site or call 360 385-0445 for further information about this innovative Port Townsend company and its products.